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Aircraft Interior Accent Lighting

Bruce Aerospace provides LED aircraft interior accent lighting products that provide a desired level of illumination for aircraft features such as branding panels, galleys, passenger self serve bars, and other aircraft monuments. Bruce designers work closely with aircraft interior designers to jointly define the desired illumination levels and Bruce products that meet the requirements for each unique application.


Aircraft Branding Graphics

The real value in your company is your brand and the positive emotions it elicits from customers. You display your logo prominently on your tail fin or fuselage, but placing the graphic, and often your tag line, in the passenger compartment takes planning. Location, size and illumination must all be taken into consideration. In order to meet an airline’s stringent brand standards, Bruce has created an LED lighting protocol that ensures those standards are met—especially in terms of accurately displaying the actual colors of those branding graphics.


Cabin photo is courtesy of Delta Air Lines.




Airline Interior Seat Lighting

First class and business class customers expect to be able to relax and work in the most comfortable environment possible on flights. An important component of that environment is lighting, from main cabin lighting down to seat lighting. Bruce has taken its seat lighting expertise to the next level with the development of LED accent lighting products.

* Cabin photo is courtesy of Delta Air Lines.

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