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The ever-increasing demands of passengers and the airlines who serve them for new products and a better flying experience continue to drive innovation in aircraft interiors.  The desire to create a unique and comfortable environment for passengers and crew alike have driven Bruce Aerospace to create highly reliable and innovative new aircraft interior lighting products.


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Lighting has become a major focal point, and for decades Bruce Aerospace has been there to answer the call.

As a leading supplier of aircraft lighting components, every member of our team, from those on the plant floor to the front office, is committed to excellence. We are proud of that fact and we hire people who share that commitment, but we are also looking for those prized intangibles such as passion, reliability, and problem-solving.

We have developed a breadth and depth of experience in all areas of the company through employee development, education reimbursement, promotion from within, and recruitment and retention of skilled and dedicated employees.


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580 Mallory Way Carson City, NV 89701


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