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Aircraft Interior Emergency Lighting

When seconds matter, passengers will be guided to safety with the most reliable aircraft interior emergency lighting platform on the market today.



Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking Systems

Bruce Aerospace offers “PEEPLS™” Passenger Emergency Escape Path Lighting Systems and “Pathfinder™” Seat Mounted Emergency Escape Path Marking Systems in both LED and incandescent versions. 

We have been designing, certifying and manufacturing these systems with great success since 1986 and hold over 28 STC's on different aircraft models.

The PEEPLS product line consists of a floor track that is mounted directly to the floor with a sticky back that is then secured into place with both sides covered with carpet. The top track, available in multiple colors, is placed on the floor covering the wire harness assembly, lamp holders, lamps/LED’s, and light modules. The light modules are hard resilient plastic that is available in translucent white, red or with arrows.

The Pathfinder product line light fixture assemblies for seat mounted applications are available in round and oblong shapes and in translucent white, red or with red arrows. Systems can be quoted quickly with a LOPA showing the seating and monument locations. The manufacturing lead time for this systems and components is 4 weeks ARO.


Aircraft Emergency Exit Signs

Bruce Aerospace manufactures a large variety of LED FAA approved (FAR 25.812) exit signs in many shapes and sizes. There are sign styles which are appropriate for ceiling mount applications, fore and aft bulkhead mountings or above doors. All of these LED signs operate from 6 Vdc emergency power sources. Bruce Aerospace has custom graphics design and silk-screening capability. FAA approved multi-lingual legends can be designed for all of our signs.


  1. New LED signage for CRJ 700/900, NG2 and Dash 8 aircraft
  2. New LED information signs for 737, 757, 767, 777 and MD80 aircraft

Bruce Aerospace also offers 6 and 28 volt LED signage to be fitted onto class dividers, passenger service units and lavatories.


Airplane Emergency Lighting Power Supply

Our emergency lighting systems consist of battery power supplies. These are typically 6V power supplies and maintain their charge with a 350mA trickle charge from the existing 28V power. Utilizing existing aircraft power supplies for the Bruce Aerospace Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking System is generally a viable option.


Aerospace Emergency Lighting Power Harnesses

Under the carpet wire runs and any conduit harness assemblies that may be required to bring power to the Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking System are included in the system.  Power harness and sidewall wiring comply with the 25% rule for transverse vertical separation. Wire harness assemblies are installed in floor track or integrated into seats with seat-to-seat cables and in-seat wire harness assemblies.



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