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Aircraft Interior Information Signage

The new Bruce LED Aircraft Interior Signage products provide a high- performance alternative to the maintenance intensive incandescent based signage currently in use.

From informational and emergency to custom on-board messaging and advertising, Bruce Aerospace designs, manufactures and certifies an extensive collection of easy-to-install LED regulatory and operational ordinance signage. Bruce’s signs are highly functional for ceiling mount applications, passenger service units and fore and aft bulkhead mountings. Custom graphics design and silk-screening capabilities are available.

Bruce Aerospace also offers 6 and 28 volt LED signage to be fitted onto class dividers, passenger service units and lavatories.


Aircraft Interior Exit Signs

Bruce Aerospace manufactures a large variety of LED FAA approved (FAR 25.812) exit signs in many shapes and sizes. There are sign styles which are appropriate for ceiling mount applications, fore and aft bulkhead mountings or above doors. All of these LED signs operate from 6 Vdc emergency power sources. Bruce Aerospace has custom graphics design and silk-screening capability. FAA approved multi-lingual legends can be designed for all of our signs.

Bruce now offers a new line of Boeing 737 / 757 / 767 / 777 LED exit signs and emergency lights. These new products are all designed to be drop-in replacements for the existing OEM incandescent signage.

*Cabin photo is courtesy of Delta Air Lines.


Aircraft Interior Passenger Information

FAA-regulated passenger information signs have long been a part of the Bruce product line. Today’s LED technology has made lit icons such “No Smoking” ,“Fasten Seat Belts” ,“Lavatory Occupied” and “Wi-Fi” more easily distinguishable for passengers.

*Cabin photo is courtesy of Delta Air Lines.




Aircraft Interior Accessory Lighting

Bruce offers a wide variety of LED accessory lighting products across multiple platforms. LED accessory lighting products include passenger reading lights, passenger service unit (PSU) lighting, galley lights, attendant call lights, work lights, crew rest lights, lavatory lights, emergency flood lights and more.

Reading Lights

The latest Bruce reading light has a contemporary appearance and mounts flush with select existing PSU panels to bring an updated appearance to the cabin. Bruce Aerospace has designed an innovative LED replacement for existing reading lights. The new LED reading light significantly increases lighting system reliability, reduces maintenance, and lowers power consumed throughout the cabin. In addition to the added benefits from a technical perspective, the new Bruce reading light presents a perfectly circular lighting pattern with no light spillage to adjacent seats.

Call Lights

Bruce call lights have become an important part of aircraft interior design and retrofitting. The LED technology renders the lights easily visible by cabin staff from the extreme ends of the cabin, allowing for faster response to a passenger’s needs.

*Cabin photo is courtesy of Delta Air Lines.

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